Why we started

It is well known fact that the wage costs in Asia are much cheaper than in Europe or in US and therefore you can see huge buildings packed with support service Filipinos in the great Manila area. I’ve even noticed billboards in the Manila airport terminal that are promoting Outsourcing from Philippines. So, outsourcing is big business in Philippines.

But we focus more on finding the talent and providing top level jobs for local developers outside of Manila, on the paradise islands, like Bohol and Cebu. We believe we have an opportunity to keep the talent on these paradise islands and they don’t need to move to the megacities. We all know the life in these megacities like Manila or even further in Dubai or in Europe, is lonely and often in rather cramped conditions. And they do miss their family and their food, especially rice.

There are millions and millions of OFWs as Overseas Filipino Workers around the World.
We are eager to give opportunity to hundreds of young talent to rise the skill level without leaving their beloved island and relationships.

Timm Rannu
CEO of Blend IT

A family gathering in the roadside cafe