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Mobile App & E-commerce Software Development Outsource cost-effective long-term software professionals.

Got an IT challenge? Limited budget?

Here’s the answer…

Step 1
Brief an experienced European IT manager (That’s me, Timm Rannu)
Step 2
Outsource to a passionate and trusted young team of Filipino developers
Step 3
Maintain direct contact with your programmers & designers who speak fluent English
Step 4
Put a smile on your boss’s face for a job well done, on time and at an incredible price.

"Prices begin from €19 per hour. Minimum commitment 40 hours per month."

Software Services

Mobile App Development

  • Starting from 40 hours per month
  • Android and iOS native apps
  • Kotlin and Swift
  • Webview mobile apps

E-commerce Development

  • Starting from 40 hours per month
  • Magento, Woocommerce, Shopify
  • Backend & Front-end
  • API integration

Custom Development

  • Starting from 40 hours per month
  • PHP, Java, Node Js etc
  • Custom database solutions
  • Prototyping

"The team discovered the needs and created a wireframe for our Shopify e-store. Developers integrated the items and product reviews from Amazon. Good job!"

Alvar Räägel, Amazon retailer and founder of Ocean Club Investments

"I keep hearing from Estonian tech ventures about excellent quality and price ratio of developers in Philippines and Indonesia."

Sven Illing, early stage investor

"For a long period of time Blend IT was responsible for my company IT development including on-time delivery, arranging the workload and assembling the necessary members to the IT team. They can navigate and use various software development technologies such as innovative API solutions. It was fruitful cooperation and I give Blend IT my highest recommendation."

Julio Gomez, fintech Monocosmos founder


Meet Your Team

Blend IT is your own high-quality software development and web design services team. Imagine having your own set of experienced, young highly-professional developers from the Philippines; combined with unbeatable pricing and a highly personal touch under the personal guidance of a successful European web projects manager. Now you can.

Toñis Hinnosaar

Founders note: “In early 2016 I spent an amazing 1.5 months in Philippines with my wife and kids. What stood out the most during our stay was the kindness of people and I made a promise to myself to keep this place and people close to my heart. During my stay I met Jay and I started using Filipino programmers for my own IT projects. I was so impressed with the consistent quality and value for money that I proposed to Jay to launch a joint venture Blend IT to bring the same high quality services to other European companies.”
Tõnis Hinnosaar, Founder

Partners note: “The early spring of 2018 Tõnis made a phone call and asked may I be interested to lead the new development company. We have worked together in several businesses before and we have built a trust between us. I was in Bohol in Philippines in November 2018 and we were able to open the Blend IT office there and hire more developers. It is an exciting journey with our clients and Blend IT team.”
Timm Rannu, CEO, Partner

Toñis Hinnosaar

Jay Paul Aying

Jay Paul Aying

Skilled in PHP(Wordpress, Symfony & Laravel), VBA, HTML/CSS(Bootstrap), VueJs, Javascript & JQuery.


Reylieto Doblas

Jay Paul Aying

Having industry experience of 7 years. Involved in complex systems, data visualization and automation.


Jason Tiro

Jay Paul Aying

Skilled in HTML/CSS(Bootstrap), PHP(Wordpress), Javascript, JQuery & Raspberry PI .


Joseph Mangmang

Jay Paul Aying

Skilled in Android Development(Java/Kotlin), HTML, CSS, Javascript & JQuery.


Cifergenno Salinas

Jay Paul Aying

Skilled in VBA, PHP, CSS, HTML, Javascript, jQuery, Mootools, AngularJs, Ruby on Rails, Wordpress & Java.


Reden John Zarra

Jay Paul Aying

Skilled in HTML/CSS(Bootstrap), React-Native, ReactJs, AngularJs, iOS(Swift), PHP(Symfony & Wordpress), Java(Zend), Android Development(Java), Javascript & JQuery.


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Call us +372 516 3018 or e-mail Estonian Office: Posti, Kuivastu, Muhu Island Philippines Office: Tagbilaran City, Bohol, Philippines